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BeatBox / Future Proof

Last Chance to Invest in #1 Fastest-Selling RTD Cocktail and Wine Brand in the US

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#1 US Wine and RTD Cocktail Brand in terms of $s generated per store according to IRI for 2020.
$8.4M T12 revenue - $2.4M already in Q1 (+170% YoY)
Raised $1M from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.
Currently in over 10,000 stores incl. Walmart, Kroger, 7 Eleven, and many more in 25 states.
Other investors: MTV's Rob Dyrdek, DJ's Party Favor, Louis The Child, G.T.A and more.
Record 2020 sales with more than 250,000 BeatBox 12-pack cases sold to stores YTD.
Major gross margin improvement in 2020 to an industry-leading 55%

Our Team

We were tired of big brands trying to remarket products to us as Millennials. We care because we are passionate about live music, great friends and feeling connected across the globe. We are the change we have wanted to see in the alcohol industry with everything from brand experience to product innovation to our responsible business model.

We are millennial entrepreneurs and industry veterans disrupting the $1.5T global alcohol beverage industry.

We founded BeatBox Beverages in 2012 with the mission of bringing people together and having fun. Because of the disruptive nature of BeatBox and the excitement from our wholesaler partners about our profits, we repositioned ourselves in late 2019 as Future Proof Brands. It's been a crazy journey so far — and this is just the beginning.

As of October 2020, our brands generated over $6.8 million on a trailing 12-month basis, with depletions of BeatBox Beverages now over 250,000 cases. In October alone more than $1M of BeatBox Beverages shipped from our warehouse. Nielsen recently named us the fastest-growing, single-serve wine product by cases, dollars, and velocities.

Our forecast is based on the current rate of sales and velocities and forecasted growth of new stores due to retail expansion planned for 2021 and beyond.

The below chart contains future projections that cannot be guaranteed. 

Just a year ago, BeatBox was found in fewer than 100 chain locations. Now, we have 11,300+ accounts purchased over the last 6 months and 150+ wholesale partners. BeatBox itself is available in 1,200 Circle K locations, 300+ QuickTrips, 225+ Krogers, 200+ H-E-Bs, 215+ 7-Elevens, 150 Speedways, and many more.

We received a $1M investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank who said, "You guys don't sell wine. You sell FUN." Which is what we're going for. Other investors include MTV's Rob Dyrdek, and DJs such as Party Favor, Louis the Child, G.T.A, and more.


Note: These exists do not guarantee any projected exit or revenue with the company.

With $6.8M in T12 revenue, growing at a fast pace, Future Proof's valuation is in line with typical multiples for high-growth alcohol beverage brands.

BeatBox Beverages

BeatBox Beverages is The World's Tastiest Portable Party Punch, an 11.1% wine-based party punch in classic flavors with a kick. They are low sugar, low calorie, and gluten-free and served in eco-friendly and portable Tetra Pak containers.

      Future Proof brands are distributed across 25 states in the US — and growing! Our goal is to achieve nationwide and then international distribution.

      Note: States bolded in pink indicate the 9 states that the Company is fully distributed within (i.e. distribution rights already assigned in all counties). As of May 2020.


      The BeatBox brand was built to capture the feeling of listening to music with your best friends, not having a care in the world. Before the pandemic, BeatBox was a party staple at more than 60 major music festivals across the nation. While COVID-19 has put music festivals on hold, we are continuing to bring people together through digital music experiences. Our "#BEATBORING House Party" featured an awesome streaming experience with a diverse line-up of DJs and reached more than 1M viewers. We can't wait to party with everyone again in-person when music festivals finally return!

      The foundation is in place and the white space is there for continued exponential growth. Much like our DJ and music partners who perform all over the world, we feel the opportunity for Future Proof to create global brands is there. There is a lot of work to be done and we are incredibly excited for the next chapter. Join us!